Kintyre Retirement Living Masterclass

November 2, 2020

Kintyre invites you to an insightful retirement living masterclass.

There are so many benefits to living in a Retirement Village. A low maintenance lifestyle, being a part of
a socially vibrant community, taking advantage of the facilities that inspire an active life. Like any life
decisions, there’s often hesitation unless you are fully informed – and rightly so.
There may be confusion around contracts, uncertainty about money and your purchase options, stress at the thought of downsizing, or even pure curiosity about
what a typical day might bring.
Following on from the success of last year, Kintyre will be hosting a FREE Retirement Living Masterclass
aimed to answer all your questions and discuss all the big topics around retirement. The session will offer insights so you can make informed decisions about the type of lifestyle you want for your future.
Robert Craven (Alteris Financial Group), an expert in financial services has been supporting families on
their journey into retirement for more than 40 years. Robert has a wealth of experience and will share his knowledge of retirement living and all that it involves.

Mark and Tara Searle, local Dubbo Real Estate specialists will talk about market trends and other essential elements that are impacting the seller’s market, including how best to set yourself up for a successful sale.
Also presenting will be Tracey Johnson, Kintyre Village Manager. Tracey has extensive experience in assisting families in their transition into living in a retirement living community. Tracey will highlight all the benefits of being part of a seniors living community and explain what life will be like day to day

This masterclass is designed to offer a transparent look at village life: what it entails, what to expect and
the journey you might take before you make any decisions. Whether you are interested in learning how
a retirement village operates, understanding your options and finances or selling your property, there’s
no question, you should attend.