“Kintyre were very, very good to us,” Merilyn explained about their move during COVID restrictions.
“We used the garage and left our things in there as we needed. Kintyre really helped us with the transition,” she said.

David and Merilyn Cosier

“We had a three-bedroom house but the loungeroom and dining room were smaller than this. Even though this a two bedroom, the bedrooms here are actually bigger.”

“All I have to think about when I wake up in the morning is ask Helen, ‘what we should do today?’,” Malcolm said.

Helen and Malcolm say the Kintyre home they’d previously seen a couple of years ago, was available this time again, and was seeming to be telling them to stay. “When we first went through it, I just had a quick look over my shoulder,” Malcolm said. I didn’t want to come because I thought we couldn’t afford it, and Helen kept saying, ‘oh, it’s nice isn’t it?’
‘Since then, I heard of friends that are living here which I didn’t know. One couple we know have been
here for 12 years and love it.”


Malcolm and Helen Blackstock

“I was invited to the Christmas party here almost a year before my home was built,” resident of just
three weeks, Rhonda Millar said.

Kintyre staff worked with Rhonda to address her personal wishes and allow finishing touches to
make the house her home.
“I had the timber flooring put in, the fire-place and the hanging lights in the kitchen,” she said.
“The fact I was shown the map of where the new houses were being built. The fact I could choose and make some changes made me really happy. The quality of the build is also great,” she said.

“I felt comfortable as soon as I drove in here. It’s quiet, it’s private, it’s quite amazing how many people I know here already. The fact it was a little out of town and the trees in the zoo will never be taken down and I can hear the lions and the monkeys daily, which is just beautiful. “If I travel next year, as I plan too, everything’s safe and will be maintained for me. Even if it comes to the point where I can’t look after myself anymore, the facilities are here,” Rhonda said.

Rhonda Millar

“This house is a much better size for me than the house I was in previously. I particularly love the sunroom that I’ve added to the back of the house. Residents can have their own flower gardens or vegetable gardens if they like to. I enjoy no longer needing to mow my own lawn; the maintenance staff members do all that for me.”

Gloria Wilde

“The other residents are great; they’re really good fun. Our neighbours on both sides are great. We and our neighbours have been to each other’s houses for dinner. We drop each other at the airport when we’re going away and generally help each other just as neighbours usually do.”

Frances & Les Walsh

“The village is everything that I have heard about it and more, great atmosphere and lots of activities that keep me busy and active.”

Susan Stanford

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