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Tovertafel: Fostering social interaction in people with dementia

We are proud to introduce the Tovertafel in dementia and memory support programs across all Tulich Communities, including Kintyre.

The Tovertafel Original invites people with dementia and those around them to play together with beautiful interactive light projections. Developed to foster social interaction in people with dementia, Tovertafel alleviates the withdrawal and apathy that is typically seen in later phases of the disease.

Hung from the ceiling and deceptively simple in design, the Tovertafel contains a myriad of features including: A high-quality projector, infared sensors, a loudspeaker, and a processor to project the interactive games. The result of more than a decade of scientific research, Tovertafel is now used in more than 3500 locations across Europe and is a pioneer development in interactive games for people with dementia.

Tulich Communities is proud to offer the Tovertafel within our memory support programs.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases physical activity
  • Breaks through apathy
  • Reduces restless and tense behaviour
  • Reduces negative emotions and increases positive emotions
  • Increases social activity
  • Improves the relationship between care staff and residents
  • Creates moments of happiness
  • Brings younger and older generations together.

To learn more about the Tovertafel or about Kintyre’s Aged Care offering, please contact us.


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